Bad Government!! Bad Bad Government!!


Funny. I keep waiting for that part where the person who was actually TAKING CARE OF DAX is somehow responsible and somehow failed. But no. It’s the media. It’s Cesar. It’s Karen. It’s NCRC. It’s the GOVERNMENT. It’s you. It’s me.

It’s anyone who didn’t actually KNOW or take care of Dax. It’s anyone who had NOTHING to do with the care, treatment and training of those two dogs.

But it’s never ever the owner of the dogs. Or the parent. Ya know..the people who were actually in a position to protect him. The people who were GROWN ADULTS and made their OWN decisions.


Poor whiny baby. He’s whining because Cesar Milan and Karen Delise blocked him on Twitter.

Oh boo hoo.

You aren’t educating them. You are stalking and harrassing them. And guess what Bogart? People do not HAVE to put up with or listen to you. FACT.

I have no idea who put it in your head that because your child was killed by your babysitters dogs somehow you get a free pass to be a jack ass and shove your OPINIONS in everyone else’s face. You have blocked all the pit bull supporters that try to explain to you why it’s about human failure way more often than it’s about any kind of dog. You have no problem with YOUR right to not listen to us, but cry like a little baby when you get blocked.

Thank you for making my day. It makes me happy to see you, as usual, showing what a little brat you are. And brats..well they are pretty much nonconsequential.


Weird how “new” updates..are the same old updates

So Colleen Lynn posted this today:

dbo new map

Claiming that she “added 30 new BSL areas”.


So here is the “new” map


And here is the “old” map


There isn’t anything “new”



The old map, the first line of the header is in bold. The new map, it’s not bold and there is no Created date on it. She also rearranged the list of cities, or maybe due to upgrades to Google Maps, there was no need for a page 2 on the ‘new’ map.

She also has links to the “BSL laws” but ALL of them go back to DBO. Not to the actual city/county/state legislation. Which means there is no proof except her word, which we all know is crap. And then there is the fact that there is stuff on there dating from 1991 and I have no doubt that many of those “laws” are either repealed or have been changed to remove BSL and encompass dangerous dogs.

So yes, in response to James Hassinger. *Winning*

And Colleen. As per usual. *Lying*

But the suck it up like the leeches they are.

There’s a new crazy bitch in town

And she is taking the stupid to a whole new level.

She’s been posting these ridiculous videos talking trash about pit bulls. Whatever. Same old garbage they all vomit.

But in this video..yeah. <--- you have to copy/paste to get to the video. I didn't want to embed that crazy broad here.

She is ranting about pit bulls..while driving. And states "eyes on road at all times". However, I saw at least 13 times when she looked directly at the camera.

She is in Rochester Minnesota I believe. Her name is Raechel Celeste Kitchens, or possibly last name of Worley.

And this is the statute there:

Subd. 2.Prohibition on use. No person may operate a motor vehicle while using a wireless communications device to compose, read, or send an electronic message, when the vehicle is in motion or a part of traffic.

I'm pretty sure they include making a rant video for Facebook while being consistently distracted while you LOOK at the video.

I'd suggest if anyone in the area is reading this..send this to your local authorities. She's a danger on the road, and god forbid if she has her kid(s) in the car with her.

I don't think she's actually a foamer..I think she's a narcisstic stereotypical "smart blonde" (thinks she is one, her actions show differently) enjoying her little 15 minutes of infamy. But she could easily kill someone doing this nonsense.

Poor girl..she was screwed from day one. What with parents who spelled her name wrong (it's not cute, or trendy, it's wrong and it's just as annoying as all the "ii" girls. You know. Sandii, Kellii, Kammii, Tracii, etc etc

And just a little self involved.


They lie and twist reality.

Or maybe they are so delusional they actually believe their own crap.

This one is interesting.


They are super HAPPY to see their work FEATURED on Buzzfeed.

Just one problem.


ANYONE can post a “list” on Buzzfeed. Maybe I will do one called “Foamers are morons”. I’d have to have a list of more than 10 though. There is nothing being “featured” here, it’s something they wrote themselves, full of the usual lies and misinformation. And of course the foamers salivate all over themselves.

BUT… “Pitbulls aren’t pets” takes the stupidity one step further today


MIAMI is one of the most sought after places to live! It’s wonderful and safe and everything is AWESOME there because of the pit bull ban! WOOHOO GO MIAMI!!!

Posted..the day after a 4 year old in Miami may have been killed by a pit bull.”

One of adult dogs is a pitbull which is illegal to have in Miami-Dade. The other two adult dogs appear to be bulldog mixes, according to Animal Services and the puppies are too young to be sure of their breed. All six are now evidence and their futures are unclear.
“That will all be determined by the veterinary staff determining the temperament and safety of these dogs,” said Salgado.


This kind of stupid has to hurt.

I would like to thank them for showing, once again, that breed bans don’t work, nor do they make your neighborhoods any safer.

Dangerous dog laws that hold owners accountable for the actions of their dogs do.

And if this father, who lost track of his son gets charged, maybe people will start to realize it.

An admission from Bogart

So. DJ Bogart apparently admits that Daxton’s Friends, the Beau Rutledge Foundation, Bite Back for Kids, are NOT about safety, are NOT about putting humans before animals, etc. We agree. They ALL are about vengeance and hiding from self responsibility (as is DBO).

I guess DFO and the others are all owned, controlled, or funded by dog breeders, owners, veterinarian or animal welfare groups, right

Thanks for the confirmation Bogart.


As for the statement by DBO that he is sharing. It’s funny that they bitch about the White House statement on BSL for a few reasons:

“the White House politicized breed-specific legislation in a response to a 2013 We The People petition”

Actually, the White House didn’t politicize anything. They responded to a petition that had garnered over 100,000 signatures. That is the policy for the PEOPLE of the United States to be able to get an answer from the White House on a topic of interest to them. I understand that it sucks that you guys can’t get that many signatures, but there ya go.

The White House was a “clever dodge” given that these laws are a local matter

Do you really need me to find the screen shots where the Foamers are talking about petitioning the president, talking about going to Congress to get a Federal law for BSL since the LOCAL LAWS aren’t going your way? I can if you need me too.

Again, I understand that it sucks that you guys can’t get the support you think you deserve. Might be because you’re wrong.

The administration then gratuitously added an “opinion” of the effectiveness of breed-specific laws by referring to an outdated study jointly authored by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and CDC that did not even investigate the effectiveness.

Hey at least that one is from 2000. You use the one from 1989 that the CDC retracted with the one in 2000 after doing MORE research and finding the flaws in the original report. You like to ignore that part don’t you?


These people love to scream about credentials and experience and what makes them the be all end all of dog knowledge. Funny thing is..none of them have any. Colleen Lynn is a webdesigner and failed online psychic. Bogart is a DJ at dive bars in Wisconsin. His son was killed by two dogs owned by an apparently unemployed babysitter. He didn’t own the dogs, he wasn’t there when it happened but I guess God struck him with a lightning bolt and made him all knowing. That happened before he was baptized. Now he’s a hateful Christian making the package complete.


The love to attack dog trainers, behaviorists, owners, vets etc. And here, he goes after Victoria Stillwell.

Now, I’ll go on the record and say, I don’t agree with everything Victoria says. Just like I don’t agree with everything Cesar Milan says. I think there’s a point somewhere in the middle that is probably the “most” right. But that doesn’t mean either is all wrong… or that their decades of experience don’t count.

They definitely count more than a psychic who wasn’t smart enough to go around a dog and a DJ who left his kid with an irresponsible babysitter (who is also a poor liar because she can’t keep her story straight).

She’s been training since the early 90s. She has developed her own methods. She’s had a lot of success with them. She has successful tv shows, successful books and a successful career. She is certified by the Animal Behaviour and Training Associates, and is a longtime member of the US Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

And awards..well lets see:
Stilwell was honoured with the prestigious “Excellence in Journalism and Outstanding Contributions to the Pet Industry Award” at the 2011 Global Pet Expo and was named ‘Dog Trainer of the Year’ by DogWorld Magazine at the 55th Annual Purina Pro Plan Show Dogs of the Year Awards Presented By Dogs in Review. She was named among 2009′s ’100 Best & Brightest’ in the dog world in The Bark magazine. Stilwell won a 2009 CableFax award as Best Host in the Animals & Nature category. In 2009, It’s Me or the Dog was nominated for a People’s Choice Award in the US, and after its first season in the UK, It’s Me or the Dog was nominated in the ‘Best Factual Entertainment’ category in the UK’s TV Quick Awards. Her first book, It’s Me or the Dog: How to Have the Perfect Pet was voted one of the 50 greatest dog books ever written by Dogs Today magazine.

So tell me Bogart. What have YOU done besides copy and paste crap from the internet?

Beth Robbins (now Clifton) takes it down yet another notch

Everytime I think these people can’t get any more classless..BOOM they do it again.

Beth Robbins is a foamer that owned a three legged dog named Trooper. He was almost 100 pounds, she called him a pit but he looks American Bulldog mix to me and pit bulls just don’t weigh 100 pounds. Not in real life. She claimed she loved him. She claimed she was “tricked” into having him. blah blah blah. She held herself up as the ONLY responsible pit bull owner because she admitted what he was “capable of” and she supported killing them all. She locked that poor dog up and probably never let him have any kind of life. It made us all sick. Then in August she announced that he had died in her arms, in her home. We all suspected at the time that she simply killed him. I’d love to know who put him down because any vet that would kill a dog simply cuz the owner said so is a fraud. Anyway, this was her pronouncement on that:

trooper dead

What’s interesting is that she always talked about having 3 dogs. And three months after posting that Trooper was dead..she still had three. So either she lied about Trooper dying (he was only 4 or so by the way, so he did not live a long and full life) or she immediately got another one I guess.


At one time she got all pissed off when someone apparently said that she should put her dog down. Some of us wondered if maybe somewhere inside all that crazy she actually did love that dog. It wouldn’t surprise as anyone that has ever owned a “pit bull type” knows they are wonderful, loving, loyal dogs that can steal your heart in a second.

kill dog

Alas, no. She truly is the sick disturbed individual we all thought she was all along. She not only killed her dog..she is now using him as the “face” of mauling dogs. Since she hooked up with Merritt Clifton (apparently marrying him in the last few weeks..and quickly changing her online name) nothing should surprise us. They are now the crusaders for pit bull deaths together. Merrittless is nothing to fear..he really is a windbag who has been discredited so many times it’s laughable but they can definitely make things uncomfortable for people with dogs since they support killing all of them, and with this group that includes taking matters into their own hands, knives, guns, anti-freeze, whatever. And if she would kill a three legged dog that never hurt anyone, and then use his face to push her agenda, I wouldn’t put it past her to kill someone else’s dog for no other reason than she wants to.



That amazing beautiful dog is dead. At 4 years old. Because of this crazy witch. And now she is using him to spread more hatred, fear and false information. Not education. Not saving lives. Just sending people who all seem to already be mentally unhinged into an even deeper space of fear. And he just looks like he’s sitting there enjoying the sun on his face and the beautiful world he WAS in.

Sickness. That’s what it is. And even her son seems to recognize it. Notice he states that Trooper was an “amazing” dog. And she could give two shits. She’s doing it because she’s crazy. And so is Merritt. Those two deserve each other. But they sure don’t deserve the privilege of caring for a living being.