Carol Miller is pretty sure she knows everything. She’s wrong.

Here is her most recent rant.


carol 2

I don’t have the time to outline every single dog..but lets take a look at a few shall we?

Here is Ray He got his Canine Good Citizen Cert, was adopted and travels extensively

Here is Mel She has her own home too and has a guardian who is pretty much a rockstar in his own right.

Then there is Cherry She’s hanging out living life with her forever family and HER BABY SISTER

Don’t forget about Shadow She’s doing just fine in her home

Handsome Dan not only went to a forever home, they have an ongoing pit bull rescue to save other dogs in bad circumstances.

Little Red is doing just fine thank you very much.

And then there’s Jonny Justice Not only is he doing just fine in his HOME .. he is a therapy dog, he was named the ASPCA Dog of the Year in November 2014 AND he has a GUND DOG designed for him.

Suck that you dumbasses..that’s only a handful of these amazing dogs. MANY of them have similar stories.

MANY of them are doing just fine.

What are they? Well unlike you fools they aren’t victims any more .. they are survivors. Which just goes to show you that these dogs are much more evolved than a lot of people.


Sarah Renee Gouge-Banner – yet another winner

So Sarah has been hanging out for awhile. Recently she’s taken to sharing her protest of pit bulls on the wall of her local Animal Shelter (they deleted it)


“Vicious snarling hell hounds”. I really have to ask What.The.Fuck. I make trips to shelters regularly. They have a lot of pit bulls Not ONCE have I seen a “vicious snarling hell hound”, let alone one that was up for adoption.

And lest you think she’s just a keyboard warrior..well no, she’s figured out how she would like to kill some dogs



And don’t you DARE call your dog something she doesn’t like or she just may turn her annoyance on you in a physical altercation.


So who is this amazing specimen of BSL advocacy?

Well from what we can find she’s definitely one to be listened to. She was a teacher before recently becoming a stay at home mom and she has NO concerns because well..she doesn’t have a boss. So I guess she won’t be concerned that we found a little info about her *ahem* interesting past.

stay at home


Yeah. This upstanding citizen thought it was just peachy keen to send nude photos to her 16 year old student. Sadly South Carolina doesn’t seem to be terribly uptight about that kind of behavior but where I’m from it’s called being a sexual predator/child molester. And yeah, it’s frowned on. But no worries! She’s going to save the world from the big bad pit bulls!


here is the full article

here’a another the comments on this one are very interesting

Oh look..she’s a nice safe driver too (like so many of these yahoos)


Any surprise these people are getting NOWHERE???

Not here

Jeff’s a publicity whore!

Well no duh peeps.

We’ve been telling you idiots that for months. Anyone that believes his mission is about saving anyone is delusional. It’s about him and only him. Revenge for sure. It’s not at ALL about public safety, education or anything else.

And that’s right..if you don’t suck down the kool aid and go along with him you need to just STOP.







pic 9

I guess at least some of them CAN be taught!

And who is surprised by this?


The Cliftons become even more Merrittless

Oh my. Total chaos in the Pro-BSL camp.

So…Barbara Kay (who is a well known pit hater and fear monger who likes writing really smart ass columns and using big words to seem smart) wrote an article on Merritt’s site “Animals 24-7″ that basically put the anti-vaxx community with the pit bull supporters. Claiming, in a WHOLE LOT of words that both are working against the safety of society.

After I got done laughing my ass off (for the record..I probably know over 8,000 pit bull owners through real time and Facebook, based on random conversations and FB posts, I’d say there are some of both that own pits and honestly, I hear from more that believe in vaccinations than don’t..but there is nothing scientific about that..just my own opinion) I just had to see what the BSL folks thought. And it was pretty much the exact meltdown I expected.

And it looks like at least a few jumped ship. Since Barbara ends her article whining that they can’t seem to get the “anti-pit” support they need (because it’s a stupid movement that doesn’t make anyone more safe) it’s pretty interesting to see them, almost intentionally alienate some of their strongest supporters. Well done morons.

I have over 70 screenshots of this mess but here are some of my favorites (take note, that one of the only people supporting Merritt, Beth and Barbara is kiss ass extraordinaire Jenni Sue also posting as Jenny Pollman. She’s one of the biggest embarrassments that movement has, but no worries, she’ll stick with them no matter what!





alice religion

AJ Ravinsky even shared his anger on an anti-vaxx group

aj new grou

And of course, that skeeze Beth had a REALLY insulting and patronizing response to these peoples feelings.


The best question came from Sue..who wondered why a site that is supposed to be about animals is posting about human vaccines anyway.


And it looks like maybe Freda figured it out. Take note foamers…if you aren’t in “shoo” maybe you aren’t the valued advocate you think you are.

freda shoo

Oh but here comes William to the rescue (translates to: “I don’t like the way this convo is going because you guys aren’t all lapping up the information liked good little kool aid drinkers, so stop this conversation NOW” Nevermind that the conversation is about an article appearing on their 2nd most favorite site EVAR!


This all just made me laugh so.damn.hard.

Joanna McGinn had to run her mouth

She left two comments today..apparently she didn’t like this post.

Now..ask me if I care.

I feel so sorry for any parent who has a child exposed to this hateful bitch.


If you don’t know about Joanna..well let’s see..she’s been married FOUR TIMES.

She spent some time on Cheaterville trying to expose some woman that apparently ended up with one of those four:


She wishes “karmic payback” on her “thieving lying daughter”. Well YOU raised her Joanna ..what does that tell you?


At least one of her husbands was a drunk with a meth dealing son. Nice group you run with there honey.


Dumb bitch drank EIGHT margaritas in 45 minutes and got raped. Um. I don’t deny that a situation like that can happen, but for someone who is so proud of her multiple degrees, work with Special Ed kids, law school, blah blah blah..this is the most ridiculous crap ever. And she somehow tries to tie rape to dog attacks. Which is just …. weird.

EDIT: I don’t even believe this happened but with that said, I would not blame a rape victim for being raped. I do find someone who would drink 8 margaritas in 45 minutes to be a raging idiot.

rape victim

Oh and let’s not forget her TOP SECRET government clearance! (she also claims to have been a child actor). What is this woman? 350 years old?

top secret

So she has 4 failed marriages, no boobs, a worthless daughter, an equally worthless ex-husband and son in law, her best friend thought so much of her that she stole her husband, she’s held about 40 different jobs and she thinks *I* give a damn what she has to say?

Fat chance.

Pitbull hyenas! OH MY

Gail Rosbach is a treasure trove of idiocy.


I don’t know (or care) what email she got but the gullibility of these people seems to have NO bounds. Anything that can give them a reason to be MORE scared of pit bulls is like a gift from God in their eyes.

So what is this about pit bulls in Africa?

You can read all about it Here in an article titled “Facts about the African Pit bull and why you shouldn’t want one”.

The gist of it?

The African pit bull is a strange looking animal indeed. It is fairly large with a thick abdomen that appears to consist of layer upon layer, all on top of one another, of muscle. Its overall conformation makes it appear to be half-dog and half-lion. It even has a mane on its withers and along the back of its neck. Its coat is spotted, somewhat like that of a Dalmatian, but the spots are more irregular. Some breeds of this type have stripes on their coats and not spots. This pit bull can be quite intimidating to look at, although it must have a sense of humor, as it is known to laugh hysterically at times.

You won’t find this dog in any canine breed registry, and certainly not in the American Kennel Club list of standard breeds. It’s very likely not listed in any of the African canine breeder’s organizations either. The reason for this is quite simple. This particular animal is not a member of the canine family at all. It’s a hyena.

It’s a fun article..go ahead and read it.

As for Gail….

You are an idiot.

Jeff taking credit for doing…nothing


This guy really takes the cake. They bitch about dog owners being irresponsible. Then when a dog owner does the responsible thing..they try to take credit for it.

The only “efforts” Jeff and his asshats put into this was stealing a picture off a private page and posting it over and over again to harrass the victim of a dog bite.

We covered this EXACT story..and all the harrassment by Bogart and his buddies (including the fact that Jenni Sue stole the picture)





In the end the man who was fostering the dog in question made the decision he made based on what was best for the dog, and people involved with the dog.

How that narcissistic twat Bogart could think he had ANYTHING to do with it is beyond me.

The only thing that they did was piss off even more people.

What a bunch of fruitloops.

Hello? IRS?

These will be going to the IRS, and possibly to the authorities.


Seems Jeff wants to encourage his groupies to call and hassle this guys employer because of things he said .. umm… Freedom of Speech ring a bell you fucktard?


Zombies and dogs has the full story of the most recent attack the foamers have launched (which I’ve been told resulted in nothing but a disturbance to a few co-workers) and the fact that this sort of activity on behalf of a non-profit can result in loss of non-profit status.

We aim to do all we can to make sure that happens. He thinks he’s teflon. He’s not.

Kendall Vibbert

While Kendall is busy trying to report someone for child endangerment when nothing has happened…one has to wonder why he doesn’t spend a bit more time worrying about his own life. Honestly these people are so ridiculous. Because ya know, CPS has nothing better to worry about than their ridiculous paranoia. It’s not like there are kids out there actually being neglected and abused.

And as Zombies and Dogs mentioned when they posted this originally it’s not like they don’t pick and choose which families to hold accountable.

He does this:

vibbert 3

and in the meantime we find this:

vibbert 2

And just to make sure we got the right guy (unlike DBO we at least TRY to verify our info…



and to top it all off…according to this site dude is STILL ON PROBATION