Daxton’s Friends and Followers – Homophobic?

gayBogart will claim he is supporting “gay victims”..even though he chose to post this ridiculous shit on the day that the entire country was hearing the news that the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal.

It’s the responses and attitude behind it that are most disturbing.

My advice? If you’re gay..don’t go to DBO or DFO for support. You are just the punchline to a joke for them.

There really is nothing sacred to these people.


Personally, I don’t find the idea of any person, gay, straight or otherwise, being injured by ANY animal..funny.

Kelly England got her panties in a wad

Some of you may remember about a year ago when Kelly England went on a rampage with someone on Facebook we profiled it here

She threw a snit in the comments at the time. Whatever.

Suddenly she crawled out from under her rock yesterday and left us some entertainment.


Well it’s refreshing to know she won’t be back. And someone posted under name here? Really?

Well here are the IP captures from her first round of crazy comments a year ago:





And here are the IP captures from her round yesterday:


Yeah. I’m not convinced. Tell me which ones are someone ELSE posting in her name, from the same computer?


She has all day to “grief you cunts”. I can see why.


So as long as you spew your hatred, filthy language and nasty threatening comments in PUBLIC it’s Protected speech? Okay then. Guess what? This is a public space, so I’m not guilty of anything, nor is anyone else that posts here. We are just talking in a public space about what a psycho looney tune you are. That’s allowed. And apparently protected. Thanks!

By the way, I haven’t seen anyone here threaten, harrass, stalk or bother you. YOU CAME HERE. We didn’t drag you here. We didn’t force you to be here. We didn’t make you say the things you said. We just shared. Hell, we are helping you to have your voice heard! How can you possibly complain about that?


You are the one who keeps bringing your kids up. Not us. Try again?

Borchardt on a roll


Yes, because a man who left his kid with an irresponsible babysitter is SUCH A BETTER VOICE to talk about dog behavior and statistics than a group of professionals who went to school for years, and do it for a living.

You betcha.

Borchardt is still an idiot.


He posts this SERVICE DOG attacks shit.

Well. Dumbass. That isn’t a service dog. Since you are such a DOG PROFESSIONAL you should know a flipping BACK PACK when you see one. But no, you don’t have two brain cells left to rub together.

Let me help. This is what the dog is wearing (or one similar)


Not a service dog vest. Nobody claimed it was a service dog and even the ORIGINAL POST on liveleak didn’t claim it was a service dog.

You are such a schmuck.

P.S. the owner of that dog is a moron as a simple “out” command would have released the cat. EVERY dog should have that knowledge. Not only would it have stopped this issue, it will save a dog when a jerk like Bogart of Billy the Bartender or Irene Lobaido or Ricky Prince or any of these other morons try to poison dogs that haven’t done anything wrong.

They be REAL dog experts

pbpmr rottie

So one of the fools at the Pit Bull Propaganda Machine Revealed Facebook page posted this story about a girl who was attacked by a dog. As you can see..only comment is “pit bull”.

Apparently they couldn’t be bothered to actually WATCH the report.

Um..not a pit bull.


Also..not a pit bull.


But thanks for showing your ass again people.

Here is the full report..feel free to watch for yourself.

Dog attacks and bites girl in Niles Neighborhood

It should also be noted this apparently is not the first time the dog has bitten someone.

Irresponsible owners.

Thanks Laurie Ann

border collieOh dear God in Heaven what would we do without these amazingly dog intelligent people to help guide us.

If it bites..it’s a pit bull.

Or a shepherd. (another dangerous breed!)

Or maybe..it’s just a mutt.

Foamers and the Westboro Church


Apparently nobody has informed Laurie that they ARE the Westboro of the dog world. They are definitely just as hateful, misguided, bigoted, prejudiced and stupid as Westboro.

Believe me lady, you guys don’t need any help on spreading the crazy.

I do however wish they could pull this off. It would do nothing but show the general public just how ridiculous they are.

Because we’ve all seen how much Westboro has accomplished haven’t we? About as much as DBO, DFO and the rest of them combined.

breed list to ban

The list keeps growing..

breed list to banWe’ve often said that even if you don’t have a pit bull type dog you should be very concerned about what the BSL crew is up to..because your dog could be next. At the rate they are going the only dogs left will be under 5 pounds and with no teeth.

To help..here is the list currently on McCartney’s mind. Beyond disgusting. I really can’t stand her. (I say her because McCartney is a fake profile run by a crazy woman in Canada named Lori K. Wilson).

American Staffordshire
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
American Pit Bull Terrier
American Bulldog
Bull Mastiffs
Dogo Argentinos
Fila Braserios
Presa Canarios
Japanese Tosas
Cane Corsos
Rhodesian Ridgebacks <---wtf???

all mixes that include any of these breeds

and any dog generally recognized as a pit bull or pit bull terrier (there’s a difference?)

That’s ANY DOG that weighs more than 20 lbs, has short hair, a blocky head (and if it has long hair but looks like it would have a blocky head if you shaved it), muscles, is athletic, and well..isn’t a cocker spaniel I guess.


I’m actually shocked to see he isn’t including Great Danes, Akitas, Bloodhounds, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and others. But hey..give her time…she’ll get there.