Stolen valor gets some attention

We’ve already done several posts about Anthony Michael Ridge aka Frank Moffa

Here he was adopting a kidnapped child

Here he said gay people should be labeled a National Security Threat

Here, had he been telling the truth, he gave away Operational Security information We knew he was lying at the time.

Seems someone else does too as this post on Stolen Valor came to our attention today.

Stolen Valor Offenders Exposed – Francisco Moffa aka Anthony Michael

It’s really disgusting what these people do in this world. No respect for anything or anyone, but they expect to be taken seriously.

Don’t hold your breath.

Harassing someone for exercising their First Amendment Rights doesn’t work out so well

So the foamers are butt hurt because people protested at that stupid art exhibit that Jaloney Baloney made.’s not a memorial. It’s not hallowed ground. It’s an alleged piece of art. And people get to protest if they are offended by it. Ask the Atheists who protest Christmas displays every year.

But Bogart and his follies didn’t like it much.


Before we could even get a chance to send in letters of support:


By the is one description of an ACOs job:

Essential Job Functions
Enforces County and State animal regulations including, but not limited to, cruelty to animals, dangerous/vicious animals, and animal bites, including dogs, cats, livestock and fowl.
Patrols assigned County areas, contains and picks-up stray, sick/injured, feral, and/or unwanted and captured domestic animals, transporting them to appropriate destination.
Performs emergency animal rescue service, emergency night call service, and animal first aid when required.
Serves and responds to court and Animal Control Board summonses as necessary, and represents County at court and Animal Control Board hearings.
Maintains required telecommunications contact.
Sets traps to capture evasive domestic animals.
Educates the public on proper animal care, wildlife problems, and animal control regulations.
Issues warnings/citations to animal owners found in violation of animal regulations.
Prepares and maintains necessary reports and records.
Performs routine vehicle and equipment maintenance.
Tranquilizes dangerous/vicious animals in a safe humane manner as authorized by supervisor.
Destroys dangerous/vicious animals in a safe humane manner as authorized by supervisor.
Responds to and investigates complaints from citizens concerning domestic animals.

Funny..nowhere in there does it say “kills all pit bulls because Colleen Lynn and Bogart said so”.

In addition, what she does on her own time, is exactly that. Her own time.

Better luck next time.


After posting this I found this article where Kent County says pretty much the same thing I did.

Joanie Baloney moving up in the world


Awww Joanie Caldwell-Kenoshmeg aka Joan Kowal. She’s gone from Auctioning bloody dolls to actually doing something called “art”.

Which consists of crosses with pictures of dog bite victims and their “stories”. Gleaned I am sure from the media. I would be interested to see how accurate the stories are vs real life. One of the ones they show in the video says “Bull Mastiff” (Cane Corso). Well. Cane Corso’s are a part of the mastiff line, but they aren’t the same as a Bull Mastiff which is it’s own breed. Bull Mastiffs are from England. Cane Corsos are from Italy. You can check the AKC for information on BOTH BREEDS.

She also claims in her “art work” that the attacks come from “Out of the Blue”. Uh.huh. I wonder what it feels like to live a live with no responsibility for the things that happen to you. For no consequences to your own actions ever being on you. For the ability to blame the world for the woes of your own existence. Someday one of them will get off the kool aid and tell me.

Here is the video:

Over on the Pit Bull Propoganda Machine Bogart spoke about being good friends with the artist but refused to give her name “for her own safety”. For her safety Bogart? Or because she is such a complete and utter flake..who actually thought it was a good idea to auction a bloody doll and used tshirt that you wouldn’t actually want her name associated with it? I vote for the second option.

It’s not all that hard to find out.

Out Of the Blue – Joan Marie Kowal

I’d be interested to see what the responsible dog ownership information says. KILL ALL PIT BULLS would be my first guess.

Merritless Clifton isn’t a dog expert either.

He can’t even figure out what percentage of the population is pit bulls. Why? Because NOBODY KNOWS. With all the ones that aren’t registered. All the ones hidden away being used for fighting, or just being neglected and abused and with the fact that he does NOT have access to the registration records of EVERY SINGLE municipality in the country..he’s just making a big fat guess that he likes to call statistics.

But even he can’t decide which number to use. Just depends on what point he’s trying to make I guess.


Jeff Borchardt is not a dog expert

He thinks he is. He’s not. He proves it a lot. Once again, this is why no one of any intelligence will EVER listen to him.


The American Bulldog is actually an offshoot of Mastiffs (which also are NOT pit bulls). This moron makes my eye twitch.

If you would like to read a VERY good article about the differences between “pit bulls” and “American Bulldogs” read this. This article goes in detail about the differences between the dogs both in history, use, breeding, size and physical conformation.

Here’s a sample:

The term “Pitbull” refers to three breeds of dog: The American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and crossbred dogs between any of the three. In an effort to create small, very strong, agile, and tenacious working dogs for cattle management, all three dogs, as well as their genetic progenitors, were similarly developed by crossbreeding various Terrier dogs to Bulldogs.

The Bulldog most commonly used was the short, squashed nosed lapdog, known as the English Bulldog, and NOT the American Bulldog. This is an important historical distinction. The English Bulldog of that time, was a direct and recent descendent of fighting dogs, a sport in the process of being outlawed in England. Those English Bulldogs – or what was in that era in England and Ireland, simply called a Bulldog, bred to equally aggressive Terrier specimens, created the original, and previously much more aggressively bred Pitbull.

In contrast, an American Bulldog is a Mastiff offshoot, cousin to the Bullmastiff and descendent of other Mastiff bred dogs. The American Bulldog’s Mastiff bred progenitors were not primarily used in dog fighting at all, but for hunting, homestead protection and cattle management. Obviously in more recent American history, both dogs were once misused in dog fighting, however, among those well known characters doing the dog fighting in early 1900s America, the American Bulldog was considered not fit for the sport, because of its much lesser instinctive inclination towards dog-on-dog fighting. In other words, the American Bulldog was not successfully bred for dog fighting, even by those who tried it.

In any event, the Pitbull is a Terrier, most typically with all the associated and relatively well known “small dog” tendencies of the dogs in the Terrier group, tendencies not typically shared with the larger, and somewhat less energetic American Bulldogs.

Nobody is safe from their hatred.

EDIT: Aww..guess this was a fake email. It wasn’t vetted so my bad. Doesn’t change the fact that the disgusting meme was posted by Balduc and Bogart is trumpeting his “TRIUMPH” at catching us in a “Lie” or in cahoots with some other Facebook page or some nonsense. Whatever. Nobody is perfect. Difference is? We’ll admit when we get fooled.

A few days ago one of the “Breast Cancer Awareness” sites on Facebook posted this lovely picture. For those who DON’T know..that isn’t a baby. It’s a doll. It’s a cute picture. That’s all it is. And it’s been around for YEARS which is why we know it’s a doll.

breast cancer3

Chris Balduc, who we already talked about here decided to drag out this old wonder of his and post it in the comments section under the picture.

breast cancer2

These people have NO limits, no boundaries. There is nobody they won’t harrass, try to intimidate, use and exploit for their “cause”. It’s one of the most disgusting displays I have ever witnessed. Do you think the parents of this little girl would be happy to know that her picture is being used to harrass Breast Cancer patients (victims)? I’m guessing no.

And the people from the Breast Cancer Awareness site don’t either.

breast cancer

Chris Balduc, you and your friends wonder why nobody takes you seriously. This might be a big part of the equation.

Bad Government!! Bad Bad Government!!


Funny. I keep waiting for that part where the person who was actually TAKING CARE OF DAX is somehow responsible and somehow failed. But no. It’s the media. It’s Cesar. It’s Karen. It’s NCRC. It’s the GOVERNMENT. It’s you. It’s me.

It’s anyone who didn’t actually KNOW or take care of Dax. It’s anyone who had NOTHING to do with the care, treatment and training of those two dogs.

But it’s never ever the owner of the dogs. Or the parent. Ya know..the people who were actually in a position to protect him. The people who were GROWN ADULTS and made their OWN decisions.