AVOCA is also dumb as a box of rocks

AVOCA (Awareness for Victims of Canine Attack) or a store that sells high end stuff..depending on who you ask..says this:


Well now..that takes out golden retrievers, labs, Shiba Inus and sorry Kory Nelson, no GSDs. No huskies or malamutes, rotts, great danes, doberman’s chows, saint bernards, cocker spaniel, chesepeake bay retriever and every mixed breed in existence. Guess that leaves us with what? No dogs.

Sue Palen is another one that will KILL YOUR DOG

This nutbag wanted to kill her friends neighbors pit bulls. Why? Did they do something horrible? No. They simply existed.

How these people can come across so many dogs that DO NOTHING WRONG and want to kill them I will never get. I think it simply stands to show the instability of all of them. They really need to get some professional help.

sue 1

sue 2

sue 3

sue 4

sue 5

sue 6

Apparently she was shocked when she didn’t get the “atta boys” she was expecting in response to wanting to kill dogs that hadn’t done a damn thing to her.

The “victim advocates” attack a child

So the story of Pupcake the Service Dog and the child he works for (ABCDE) has been making the rounds. When visiting a mall in California the store Santa refused to see the girl, after she waited in line for 30 minutes..because her service dog was a pit bull. That changed to him being “allergic” when the ADA laws were mentioned. Nevermind that probably half the kids visiting Santa have dogs at home and would probably be carrying dog hair and dander on them. In the end, the Santa was fired (or maybe just moved to a different store, hard telling) and we haven’t heard any word of anything being done to address the heartbreak this autistic girl was subjected to.

Instead, we’ve got the usual fools claiming this is a “fake” service dog (no, he isn’t). And we have the normal “victims advocates” doing this:


I don’t really care what side of the fence you are on here. Harrassing and demeaning an autistic child and her service dog is nothing short of gross.

Ah well..just another screenshot for us to share with legislators when they actually try to give these people any sort of credence.

And look at ol’ Harve Morgan leading the pack.

Borchardt and his “education”

Jeff Borchardt claims that his group “Daxton’s Friends” is about education and saving lives.

And then he proves what an absolute liar he is.

It’s not enough that he takes no responsibility (or at least places it where it belongs, on the person who was caring for his son) for what happened to Daxton. Even though the police reports and vet reports show a story very different than the one he tells.

No, he has to go after millions of dogs and their owners who had NOTHING to do with him.

One has to assume he’s just stretching his 15 minutes of fame out as long as he can. Which stands to reason from a man in his 40s who apparently makes his living as a DJ who calls himself Mix Master Bogart. Hello 80s anyone?

Anyway..his education and saving lives is mostly about harassing and trying to scare pit bull owners. And he’s getting it down to an art I must say. It’s interesting to see how many people are getting tired of his antics. Losing a child is a tragedy, there is no doubt. But using that loss as a way to direct your anger at people you don’t even know, and even worse profiting off it (as he is apparently doing with DFO) is just..well gross. And most people know it. Initially he was the perfect person to step up and take the spotlight for Colleen Lynn. Sad story, heartbroken father, it played well to the media. But now..it’s just a bitter man who wants to get attention. Not ONCE have I seen this man say “our son”. It’s HIS SON. As if his wife, who actually gave birth to that child doesn’t exist, or doesn’t matter. Anytime people are discussing what has happened to them…Bogart pops up to make it about HIM. Not about Dax. About HIM. And people are quickly seeing through it. This isn’t about saving lives. It’s not about educating. It’s about being the center of attention.

And it’s beginning to look an awful lot like harassment. And this time, he admitted it. Previously he has started pages (the Pit Bull Propaganda Machine Revealed and others) quietly and then denied that he had anything to do with them. He’s stolen pictures of dogs, children, parents, their friends and family, cloaked in the “you shared it you made it public” nonsense. Technically that is true if you are SHARING them. but it’s not true if you are stealing them, altering them and putting untrue statements on them. But since Facebook is a big steaming pile of shit that doesn’t actually care..he gets away with it. For now.

But he keeps pushing the boundaries. And eventually he’ll step on the wrong toes. We’ll be waiting for that.

But I digress. Who Is Colleen Lynn did a post today about a new page that has gone up. Stealing pictures of children and dogs and families again. Posting them for “identification” purposes. Why? Because this way Bogart can hassle and harrass these “families” when their dogs attack (because ya know…every single pit bull on the planet is going to rise up and attack someone, hell, even the ones who have already died will be back in the zombie apocalypse).

How do we know? Because he said so. Pig. That is all he is. This is his “education”. This is his “service to make our communities safer”. No. This is a lunatic who is probably a danger if not to himself, to others. And I hope someone in his real life sees it and gets him the help he needs before he crosses a boundary he can’t get back across again.



Where in the world is Dora


OMG…they need to find pits everywhere.

This poor deaf BOXER..and they decide it’s a pit bull. Now they think they are professionals at determining breed..but they can’t even get a name right..WHEN IT’S ON THE PICTURE.

The stupidity..it hurts.

Lesley Karen “The Ninja” Luscombe – spreading the hate

In a very sad story a few days ago, 4 dogs (3 pit bulls and a mix) got through a hole in the fence and entered the neighbors yard where they killed the neighbors Beagle. In a news article the 13 year old owner of the beagle stated:

Eventually officers were able to get the dogs out of Brittany’s yard, but it was too late for Bailey. “It’s weird coming out here,” said Brittany about her backyard. Until her interview with Local 2, she said, she had not been in her yard since the attack.

She said the owner of the dogs next door has since repaired the hole in the fence they share and she does not hold a grudge.

So, this 13 year old had to deal with a very bad situation. As most people do in various ways throughout their lifetimes. And the girl says she holds no grudge. Which means she is processing the tragedy, dealing with the death of her dog (as we all must do at some point and in various ways) and getting on with being a 13 year old.

Heaven forbid..at least according to the Ninja.


Man..where do I start.

For one thing nobody really gives a shit that YOU are uncomfortable that the child is not holding a grudge. I would be willing to bet that the parents were there you asshat. Because see, unlike DBO, DFO and all you haters..news organizations usually get a release from parents to talk to minors (or about them for that matter). They have this modicum of respect for people that you will never understand.

“The USE of the child’s “not holding a grudge” is specious and concerning, propagandist even”

Um no, it’s a news site quoting a little girl about how she feels after he dog died.

“Being hurt and angry and reactive enough to make statements of outrage and calling for true justice is the way to go here.”

Lesley, I think you read too many comic books. The part that you people just never seem to get is that being hurt and angry doesn’t do anybody any good. NOBODY. It does nothing more than cause more pain and anguish. It prevents people from MOVING ON with their lives. It prevents people from HEALING. But see I get it, when people do that…you lose. Because then you don’t have anyone to share your own mental instability with.

By the way. You aren’t even in this country. Why don’t you spend your time and righteous indignation worrying about the record setting dog attack year YOUR country is having? Oh yeah..they ban pitbulls. Nevermind…nothing to see here.

It’s spelled “specifically” and “available”


This appears at the end of a PSA that Bogart and his co-horts have put together for their new “won’t back down” campaign.

Here’s the problem..besides the fact they can’t spell.

They used the song “Won’t Back Down” from Tom Petty…(re-recorded very badly by someone else). They obviously did not get permission and think because it’s a PSA it falls under “Fair Useage”. They are wrong.

you need at least three licenses for each song (a) a license from the owner of the copyright in the composition (the songwriters and/or their publishers), (b) a license from the owner of the master recording (usually a record label), and (c) a license from the performers. Further—-and this is very important—you should not assume that you will be able to obtain the licenses that you need. It is quite common for songwriters and/or their publishers, to reject requests for licenses if they think that the use might harm their reputations and/or reduce the value of the song for purposes of future placements in films, movies, commercials and/or other uses. Likewise, record labels or performers might not want to be associated with your public service announcements, and they have no obligation to do so.

Thus, it might prove unfortunate that you created public service announcements before acquiring the rights to use the songs. It is quite possible that you will be unable to obtain the rights to use songs which you have already incorporated into your public service announcements. If so, you may have to create new public service announcements using different songs. It is always better to “pre-clear” the songs which you want to use in a project such as this.

Finally, as my colleague notes, it does not matter from a legal standpoint that you are making public service announcements in support of a good cause. The copyright laws do not provide any special status for public service announcements of this kind—-if you want to use popular songs you will have to acquire a license. Perhaps you will be able to convince the owners of copyrights to grant you permissions to use the song without compensation—but the owners of copyrights have no obligation to do so. Indeed, as I said above, the copyright owners can decide that they do not want to be associated with you and your announcements, and they can refuse to grant you permission to use their songs.

One thing is clear in a situation like this–you should not proceed further without retaining the services of IP counsel. If you make a mistake on these issues, you could face a very expensive law suit. The investment you make in IP counsel now will save you significant amounts of both money and aggravation in the future.


The little disclaimer at the end does NOT justify stealing someone’s work. But I wouldn’t really expect a DJ to understand that.

And Bogart is so stupid he picks an artist that is INCREDIBLY protective of his work.

Here.. Tom talks about copyright infringement

“…’Cause you go to a lot of trouble to make records. Ya know. I’d be like taking bits of somebody’s painting and putting ‘em into yours or something, ya know. Or a book, like lift a chapter of, ya know, Moby Dick and put it in here, that’s alright. It was only… it was only four paragraphs!” -Tom Petty

And he’s gone after two politicians.

And then there was Goodrich who just used a song that SOUNDED like one of his:

In 1987, Petty sued tire company B.F. Goodrich for $1 million for using a song very similar to his song “Mary’s New Car” in a TV commercial. The ad agency that produced the commercial had previously sought permission to use Petty’s song but was refused. A judge issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting further use of the ad and the suit was later settled out of court.[27]

Bogart going on the radio

Bogart was supposed to appear on the the Steve Dale Pet Show at 6:30 this morning. From what we’ve been told.. he cancelled. Maybe because Mr. Dale wrote that story that wasn’t exactly all “grrr kill all pit bulls”.

So now, he’s going on a different show tomorrow morning. The Joy Cardin Show. But he doesn’t want anyone to know it.



Too late..the Joy Cardin show already shared it on her Facebook. Funny how social media works.

Bogart..spreading the word

Because New Hampshire seems to have such a terrible problem with um, pit bull deaths and maimings Bogart spends donated money on this:


That paper has a circulation of about 180,000 (according to their website). If even 5% of the people see the ads (and I’m being generous) that’s MAYBE 9000 people that see it. Being generous again, let’s say 5% actually read it that’s a whole 450 who read it. And how many of those are actually going to run to their computer to look at DFO? Let’s be generous. Let’s say 5% (and now I’m being like stupid generous) that’s 20 people. And how many of THEM are going to actually swallow all the crap on that site .. copy and pastes from Wikipedia and UKC sites twisted to fit a hate agenda. Maybe 1. Maybe.

So probably a couple hundred dollars spent of donor money, on an ad that will do NOTHING to educate anyone but might hold the attention span of one person long enough to have the site get seen.

Bloody brilliant.

I just have to ask myself how long it’s going to take these people that hate doesn’t sell. Hate doesn’t work. Sure, it gets some attention and “oooh ahhhs” from people. But in the long run? No. It’s good for ratings but that’s all. And there are more and more people willing to stand up against the hate every single day. Without newspaper ads.

By the way..his target demo area? They already have a very good dangerous dog law that holds owners responsible for the actions of their dogs. No matter WHAT breed. Duh. He’s targeting an area that’s already doing it right.