Really penny?

They make it up as they go along and the desperately NEED it to be as horrific as possible. Because obviously, dying while your pregnant in attack by a dog you love isn’t nearly bad enough.

dbo bonny thomas lee discussing a person who died the best part the most unbelievable part the most stomach turning gut wrenching part is this. Greg Napora the devoted husband (1)

There has never been one single report ANYWHERE that the dog that killed Darla Napora ate any part of her or her baby. They did tests that confirmed that only one of the two dogs in the house was involved. This was done with blood, tissue and hair samples as well as comparing the bites of both dogs to the wounds on Darla. It’s similar to finding tissue samples under someone’s nails when they scratch someone. It doesn’t mean the dog ATE anything. Idiots. Absolute idiots who are doing nothing but destroying their own cause. It would be funny if it wasn’t so damn morbid.

And yes Bonny. Greg had Gunner’s ashes put in with Darla in her grave. So what? Why do you care? What business is it of yours anyway? We all know that not one single person involved with DBO or DFO has any concept of true, unconditional love. Most of you don’t even know what love is. You only know fear, hate, vengeance and retribution. That is why never in one million years would any of you understand that even though something tragic happened that day (that NOBODY can answer definitively WHY it happened) there is still love in Greg’s mind for the ANIMAL that lived in his home. What we do know is that you are all so twisted you can’t even let the woman rest in peace. You have to bring her name up at every single opportunity and continue to embellish the story to suit your needs.

Which is why nobody believes any of you anymore.

Thanks for doing our job for us by continuing to show the world what a bunch of lunatics you truly are.

Gail Rosbach… still stupid as hell



Oh..they want to go after Everest again. Why? Because they weren’t successful in bullying the school (that is nowhere NEAR any of them) into getting rid of him as a reading therapy dog. Gail can’t even remember for sure where the dog that school that she tried to dictate to IS.

But let me tell you how stupid they are. She is now suggesting getting rid of these “pit bull” pages. Reporting them. What she doesn’t get (because they are too goddamn stupid to actually LEARN anything) is that PAGES are perfectly acceptable for just about anything .. including pit bulls. What is NOT okay is to have a PERSONAL PROFILE that is a fake name, or for an organization (or a dog). They can report that page to their stupid hearts content and NOT A DAMN THING will happen.

This is why these morons will never ever ever win. They don’t have the intelligence God gave to an eraser. This is why nobody takes these people seriously … at all…ever.

LMAO they can’t even figure out something as simple as the difference between a page and a profile. *headdesk*

McGinn takes her insanity to a whole new level

mcginnSo she admits to having abortions because of an RH issue. She didn’t want to “burden the taxpayers”. Basically saying if she had a mentally challenged child SHE wasn’t going to be the one raising or paying for it. Lovely. Of course she tries to redeem herself by talking about how HER PLASMA is responsible for the development of Rhogam. And then how “whoa is us” because she (and others) were getting older they had to come up with a new miracle synthetic version (because obvs, no other woman would be as giving as she is and contribute to the project). Lord.

And of course she is a member of NARAL (a pro-choice group) and since she donated to a full page LA Times ad this is supposed to mean…what?

But then she sees what “pit mommies” turn out to be. What is that Joanna? Good, loving mothers who take care of their kids? Like Kim Borchardt and Angela Rutledge?

Then to bring it all home, after admitting she had 2 abortions (that’s more kids than my dogs have killed), stating she now believes that is murder, she circles around to “if it’s someone who is going to own an pit bull, well then it’s okay”.

Yeah. You got some real serious issues lady.

For the record..we at Foolish Follies really could care less what anyone does with their bodies. That is between you and your God, not us. Sadly, the majority of the BSL group does not agree and feels that for some reason, they have the right to dictate how we all live our lives. Good luck with that.

Julia Lewis posts her ignorance and hatred

We’ve covered them doing this nonsense before but as per usual..getting attention is the only thing that matters to them. Not victims. Not education. Not making the world a safer place. And not ONE person stands up and says “wtf?” Because they are ALL willing to lie, obfuscate, mislead and flat out fake it.

Here is the original story:


and here is Julia Lewis’ version:

fake title

Because ya know..reporters often call a dog “100%” something *eyeroll*

The article also goes on to say that the dog is a pit/boxer mix. That blows the 100% thing right out of the water. In addition, she leaves out the fact that this dog was tethered and that OFTEN leads to bad situations which is why many many dog advocates fight to get anti-tethering laws passed.

But ya It’s pretty much last on their list of priorities.

Don’t forget they have done this previously. We posted about it here

Help us help you

I have gotten a few requests for an email address for people to send screenshots too. Please feel free to send anything you think we should know about to foolishfollies AT

The more the merrier!

Carol Miller is pretty sure she knows everything. She’s wrong.

Here is her most recent rant.


carol 2

I don’t have the time to outline every single dog..but lets take a look at a few shall we?

Here is Ray He got his Canine Good Citizen Cert, was adopted and travels extensively

Here is Mel She has her own home too and has a guardian who is pretty much a rockstar in his own right.

Then there is Cherry She’s hanging out living life with her forever family and HER BABY SISTER

Don’t forget about Shadow She’s doing just fine in her home

Handsome Dan not only went to a forever home, they have an ongoing pit bull rescue to save other dogs in bad circumstances.

Little Red is doing just fine thank you very much.

And then there’s Jonny Justice Not only is he doing just fine in his HOME .. he is a therapy dog, he was named the ASPCA Dog of the Year in November 2014 AND he has a GUND DOG designed for him.

Suck that you dumbasses..that’s only a handful of these amazing dogs. MANY of them have similar stories.

MANY of them are doing just fine.

What are they? Well unlike you fools they aren’t victims any more .. they are survivors. Which just goes to show you that these dogs are much more evolved than a lot of people.


Sarah Renee Gouge-Banner – yet another winner

So Sarah has been hanging out for awhile. Recently she’s taken to sharing her protest of pit bulls on the wall of her local Animal Shelter (they deleted it)


“Vicious snarling hell hounds”. I really have to ask What.The.Fuck. I make trips to shelters regularly. They have a lot of pit bulls Not ONCE have I seen a “vicious snarling hell hound”, let alone one that was up for adoption.

And lest you think she’s just a keyboard warrior..well no, she’s figured out how she would like to kill some dogs



And don’t you DARE call your dog something she doesn’t like or she just may turn her annoyance on you in a physical altercation.


So who is this amazing specimen of BSL advocacy?

Well from what we can find she’s definitely one to be listened to. She was a teacher before recently becoming a stay at home mom and she has NO concerns because well..she doesn’t have a boss. So I guess she won’t be concerned that we found a little info about her *ahem* interesting past.

stay at home


Yeah. This upstanding citizen thought it was just peachy keen to send nude photos to her 16 year old student. Sadly South Carolina doesn’t seem to be terribly uptight about that kind of behavior but where I’m from it’s called being a sexual predator/child molester. And yeah, it’s frowned on. But no worries! She’s going to save the world from the big bad pit bulls!


here is the full article

here’a another the comments on this one are very interesting

Oh look..she’s a nice safe driver too (like so many of these yahoos)


Any surprise these people are getting NOWHERE???

Not here

Jeff’s a publicity whore!

Well no duh peeps.

We’ve been telling you idiots that for months. Anyone that believes his mission is about saving anyone is delusional. It’s about him and only him. Revenge for sure. It’s not at ALL about public safety, education or anything else.

And that’s right..if you don’t suck down the kool aid and go along with him you need to just STOP.







pic 9

I guess at least some of them CAN be taught!

And who is surprised by this?


The Cliftons become even more Merrittless

Oh my. Total chaos in the Pro-BSL camp.

So…Barbara Kay (who is a well known pit hater and fear monger who likes writing really smart ass columns and using big words to seem smart) wrote an article on Merritt’s site “Animals 24-7″ that basically put the anti-vaxx community with the pit bull supporters. Claiming, in a WHOLE LOT of words that both are working against the safety of society.

After I got done laughing my ass off (for the record..I probably know over 8,000 pit bull owners through real time and Facebook, based on random conversations and FB posts, I’d say there are some of both that own pits and honestly, I hear from more that believe in vaccinations than don’t..but there is nothing scientific about that..just my own opinion) I just had to see what the BSL folks thought. And it was pretty much the exact meltdown I expected.

And it looks like at least a few jumped ship. Since Barbara ends her article whining that they can’t seem to get the “anti-pit” support they need (because it’s a stupid movement that doesn’t make anyone more safe) it’s pretty interesting to see them, almost intentionally alienate some of their strongest supporters. Well done morons.

I have over 70 screenshots of this mess but here are some of my favorites (take note, that one of the only people supporting Merritt, Beth and Barbara is kiss ass extraordinaire Jenni Sue also posting as Jenny Pollman. She’s one of the biggest embarrassments that movement has, but no worries, she’ll stick with them no matter what!





alice religion

AJ Ravinsky even shared his anger on an anti-vaxx group

aj new grou

And of course, that skeeze Beth had a REALLY insulting and patronizing response to these peoples feelings.


The best question came from Sue..who wondered why a site that is supposed to be about animals is posting about human vaccines anyway.


And it looks like maybe Freda figured it out. Take note foamers…if you aren’t in “shoo” maybe you aren’t the valued advocate you think you are.

freda shoo

Oh but here comes William to the rescue (translates to: “I don’t like the way this convo is going because you guys aren’t all lapping up the information liked good little kool aid drinkers, so stop this conversation NOW” Nevermind that the conversation is about an article appearing on their 2nd most favorite site EVAR!


This all just made me laugh so.damn.hard.