Kendall Vibbert

While Kendall is busy trying to report someone for child endangerment when nothing has happened…one has to wonder why he doesn’t spend a bit more time worrying about his own life. Honestly these people are so ridiculous. Because ya know, CPS has nothing better to worry about than their ridiculous paranoia. It’s not like there are kids out there actually being neglected and abused.

And as Zombies and Dogs mentioned when they posted this originally it’s not like they don’t pick and choose which families to hold accountable.

He does this:

vibbert 3

and in the meantime we find this:

vibbert 2

And just to make sure we got the right guy (unlike DBO we at least TRY to verify our info…



and to top it all off…according to this site dude is STILL ON PROBATION

These people suck as investigators

Another DBO flunkie has chimed in..stealing a picture from the dad of Malaki the child killed by 2 6 month old puppies.

Here is the picture she shared:


Now let’s take a look at the original shall we.


So they doctored the picture to make the dog look evil (red eyes) and are TOO STUPID to notice the picture is from 2012.

That’s a full 2 YEARS ago. Which means it’s a full YEAR AND A HALF before the dogs involved in this incident were even born.

Would you people please learn to just sit on your hands and shut the fuck up because your stupidity is oozing all over the internet.

They try to win with deception

Here is an article about the child killed by two 6 month old dogs yesterday:


here is the direct link so you can check it for yourselves.

Here is the text:

(College Springs) — Page County authorities have identified the 7-year-old boy who died following a dog attack late Thursday afternoon.
The Page County Sheriff’s Office says Malaki Mildward was pronounced dead at Clarinda Regional Health Center at around 5:50 p.m. Sheriff’s deputies were notified shortly before 5 p.m. that the boy was mauled by his family’s two 6-month-old dogs at 709 Glen Avenue in College Springs. The initial report was the victim was not breathing at the time. When deputies arrived, EMS from Clarinda and College Springs were administering CPR to Mildward in the yard.
Clarinda EMS transported the body to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Here is the post by the foamers linking to said article:


Thank you foamers for giving us yet ANOTHER article to prove how very deceitful and inaccurate and bloodthirsty you are.

It’s already a pit bull

pit bullEven though the news has given NO clue as to what breed the dogs were that killed Malaki Mildward.

What brought them to this conclusion?

A picture on the father’s facebook page.

Now..let me point out a few things.

1. The dogs were reported to be 6 months old.
2. The pictures of the dogs on the dads page are over 2 years old (yes, i saw them too)
3. The father lives in MO, the attack happened in IOWA which means not at the dad’s house
4. There is only ONE picture of a dog that may have belonged to them on the mother’s page. It appears to be a catahoul/australian shepherd TYPE OF DOG (I have no idea what’s a long distance picture).

But they so desperately need a kill they just can’t help themselves.

However, even the admins are realizing how incredibly stupid they look.


Joanna McGinn is going to get the moron of the year award.


The 87 year old (whose name was Eugene Smith, which apparently is unimportant to miss victim advocate McGinn) was attacked by a rescue dog while taking down the Christmas tree – whether it was a pit / pit mix/ or other I don’t know. It was reported as a pit bull type dog.
Declin Moss was killed by what appear to be 2 American Bulldog mixes while playing in his yard

TRAYTON JOINER was killed when he was HIT BY TRAIN. The fact he had a pit bull type (mix in the reports) suddenly makes it a “dog bite related fatality” in Joanna’s world.

To be fair even Merrittless told her that she was making a mistake including it.

smithI’d love to know what “Jan Smith” considers “facts that justify removing his name”. Ya know..facts beyond the fact the kid was hit by a train.

With that said..this falls right in line with the same reason that kids die from hundreds of different causes every year. Lack of supervision.

But hey, we don’t want anyone to have to take responsibility for their stupid moves, so lets blame the dog. I’m surprised these freak shows didn’t say the conductor of the train aimed for the kid. I bet if they discovered he owns a pit bull (or doesn’t want them all killed) that would be the story though.

And hey McGinn if that is a is this:

The shooting death of an Iowa woman by a police officer trying to simultaneously quell a domestic dispute and ward off a surprise attack by an aggressive dog was likely an accident, authorities said.

Autumn Mae Steele, 34, was struck in the chest by an errant bullet fired by Burlington Police Officer Jesse Hill, The (Burlington, IA) Hawk Eye reports. The shooting occurred about 10:25 a.m. Tuesday in Burlington, one of Iowa’s Quad Cities nestled along the Mississippi River in the southeast corner of the state.

That dog wasn’t a pit bull they won’t count it.

Ya know what makes you look stupid?

Jumping to conclusions with no information.

So this story was posted Jan 4, 2014:

Multiple law enforcement agencies are investigating the death of a woman who was found unclothed and outside in the town of Presque Isle, but Vilas County Sheriff Joe Fath said he does not believe the public is in danger.

In a press release issued Saturday, Fath identified the deceased as Corrine Gerster, 61, of Oshkosh.

According to Fath, the sheriff’s office received a 9-1-1 call at 8:45 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 2, reporting that a naked female body had been discovered outside The Towne House antique store, 8243 Main St., in downtown Presque Isle, a small community in northern Vilas County near the Upper Michigan border.

A local emergency medical crew arrived first on the scene and determined the body exhibited no signs of life, Fath said. Numerous law enforcement officers later responded, and for much of Friday, a line of police vehicles cordoned off the front of the store’s property.

The body was not moved until a field response unit from the Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation could process the scene. That unit arrived around 2 p.m. Friday.

A forensic autopsy will be conducted Monday or Tuesday, according to Fath.

Speculation has swirled in Presque Isle and on social media about the cause of the death. In the press release, Fath addressed a rumor that wolves were somehow involved.

“There have been no signs of wolf activity in the area of this investigation,” Fath said.

He declined comment about other rumors.

On January 5th this update was posted:

Animal tracks were discovered near the body, The Lakeland Times has learned.

The state Department of Natural Resources determined the tracks belonged to domestic canines and led to two different homes, according to Bill Cosh, a spokesperson with the state Department of Natural Resources.

It is unclear what role, if any, the dogs played in the death. Cosh declined to comment further about the dogs on Monday, citing a pending investigation. He said the sheriff’s office asked the DNR to help in the investigation.

Vilas County Sheriff Joe Fath did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

On the same day, Mary Belafonte, one of the usual foamers, popped in with her .02


As per usual, it immediately has to be about pit bulls. and now suddenly there are groups of feral pit bulls running amok all over the country killing people and stripping them of their clothes.

It should also be noted that the dogs in the case she mentioned from Ohio, weren’t pit bulls. The were mastiff mixes. And as we’ve stated ad nauseum, mastiffs are NOT pit bulls. (It was Klonda Richey if you are unaware of the case, you can google it).

Anyway, today this was released.

Autopsy update – Tuesday, Jan. 6

The cause of death in this investigation has been ruled natural causes pending lab and toxicology results. The marks and injuries observed were post mortem. No foul play is suspected.

It is believed that a dog that the victim was escorting home may have attempted to move, drag or wake the victim and in doing so tugged at clothing causing them to tear or rip away.

Mary Belafonte, like so many of the foamers, is an idiot.

You can find the full story, all updates, and Mary’s comment here

That fight went ugly fast

We did a couple posts today about the fight going on over at the PitBull Einstein page. Initially Pit Bull Einstein was mad because apparently DBO is blocking people who are atheists..even if they are on DBOs side. (There’s a big fat surprise).

That degenerated in to a fight with Harve Morgan, Eve, Bogart and a few others.

Now, because this person thinks being banned for being an atheist is bullshit, and called DBO out on it, and then called Bogart on his pity parties (justifiably and because he came to THEIR page talking trash) they’ve all decided it’s a nutter page.

I can’t stop laughing.

If you don’t drink the kool-aid of DBO and DFO and tow the line EXACTLY how they want must be a nutter. Fan freaking tastic.

If this was about pit bulls or something I’d get it, but it’s about religion (or lack of) so seriously… priorities folks.






And holy shit! Pit Bull Einstein raised the stakes on this one for sure!




A glimpse at a “responsible” foamer

Or not.

gettin rid of dog 1

She gets a dog that she only wants so it can “warn” her when she’s out on a walk. Basically she’s putting it out there as bait in case a loose dog approaches her. Strike 1.

gettin rid of dog2
Next, she’s upset because the dog isn’t very tolerant of her kid pulling it’s tail. She isn’t going to put up with that sort of “dominance behavior” from a dog. YOU STUPID BITCH. That’s dominant behavior, that’s a living creature reacting to something that HURTS IT. Strike 2. AND she advertises a dog that she is getting rid of because of it’s intolerance for her child as “good with kids”. So hey, let someone else’s kid get bitten by a dog that has already shown intolerance. Or maybe she is just quietly admitting that her little brat is as big a jackwad as she is and the dog has reason to want to bite it.

getting rid of dog3

Finally, she’s going to just give the dog to whoever wants it while she’s in Memphis because she doesn’t have time to train it. BUT, when she has the money, she’ll buy an expensive lab that will be “tolerant” of whatever abuse her kids want to dish out. However, it will need training. She won’t train the dog she has, but she’ll train a lab puppy. STRIKE 3

and you are out you stupid stupid stupid human.

She should be banned from having any dog.

THIS is exactly why these people have dogs that end up biting their kids. They have this insane viewpoint that a dog should put up with whatever abuse and mistreatment some jackass (yes, even a kid) decides to dole out.

This is why these people will NEVER be the face of victims that will succeed in anything but getting more people hurt and / or killed