Dax’s Friends know the truth

So Bogart likes to cloak his agenda in “canine awareness” but anyone who has spent more than 20 seconds on his website or the multitude of dog hating pages they have on Facebook knows the truth. It’s not about canine awareness. It’s not about safety. It’s not about education and it’s not about saving lives. It’s about the extermination of millions upon millions of dogs that HE doesn’t like.

Even his own members know it.


Because Mia…he’s trying to look respectable and legitimate. Unfortunately for him..his 2 years of crazy have already made that impossible.

The Nutters did it! .. Or did they

fireSo awhile back Johnna Harvard posted that the home she shared with her family (and had recently vacated) burned to the ground.

This was tragic because it was the home she had lived in with her son who sadly died in an attack by a neighbors unleashed pit bull. In a town with no leash law. That was my concern at the time. Had their been a law that required all dogs to be contained in their own yards and on leash when not, this tragedy might not have happened.

I wouldn’t mention any of this except for this:


It only took a few minutes for Felosi and others to blame the “nutters”. Oh they MUST have done it because they (allegedly) gave her dirty looks. Those horrible evil nutters! the truth must be known and they must SUFFER for their deeds.

Yes. I agree.



Looks like mom had a side dish of her own and dad wasn’t too happy about it.


This last one really scares me and I hope she at least has the sense to notify the local authorities before this guy actually kills someone.


Assault rifles. Burning down the family home. Thinks the US is going to war in October. Yeah.

So…not so much the nutters causing problems here.

Don’t worry. We won’t hold our breath waiting for the apology. Or the truth to actually be shared by you.

Oh Steven..the irony.


I’m a pit bull owner.
I’m not a dog fighter, I’m not a breeder.
I’m not trying to lure people into owning pit bulls and I’m not forcing anyone to agree or like my pit bulls.
What I am, is a human.
I’ve been a pit bull owner for over 20 years and we are fine but that doesn’t mean another dog shouldn’t be an option for another person.
If you think because I am a pit bull owner that I deserve to be degraded and slandered then the problem isn’t me, the problem is very much you.

Sonya Del Rio Cerezo is just over run by pitbulls

Including OMG that one walking around with his owner in Manhattan!

new york

new york2

And now they have a “reporter on the ground”. No, you have a lunatic walking around New York.

Good grief. A person can’t even take a dog for a walk without it being a major event for these idiots.

And it only took about 5 minutes to devolve into killing dogs and waiting for a celebrity to be attacked.

Sickness. They honestly have a mental sickness.

Jenny Sue Moo did this a couple of years ago too. It was pretty funny to watch her posts as she flipped her lid because OMG!!!


Yes. You see pit bulls. Why? Because they are one of the most popular breeds in the nation. And yes..sadly they are overbred and there are shelters full of them. Get used to it.

What these people do is literally obsess so much that they are putting themselves in a perpetual fear mode and trying to pass that on to everyone else.

When you spend literally every waking moment of your life focusing on something that you fear, without actually LEARNING anything about that fear, or facing it by ya know.. meeting a damn dog…you will end up with an IRRATIONAL FEAR that will rule your life. That’s why so many of these idiots are on Xanax. they are..as someone recently said..scaring themselves to death.

Sad existence.

Dogsbite haters and multiple personalities.

Seriously these people are mental. They have hundreds, if not thousands of fake profiles out there that they use to try to make it seem like there is this HUGE following for DBO and DFO. But they are all so freaking crazy and low level intelligence they stick out like a sore thumb.

Like this one:


I’m reasonably sure this the handiwork of Gail Sizemore.

It caught my attention because the profile picture is what appears to be an OLD picture of a soldier. And the previous profile picture kind of looks like a recent picture of a jewish doctor. The profile has 113 friends. EVERY SINGLE ONE is a known foamer or fake profile from a known foamer. It belongs to 5 groups..all pit bull hating groups and every single post is some horrific pit bull story. The only people in the WORLD that fixated is their core group of what? 35 maybe 40 people who literally have NO OTHER LIFE than sitting on facebook crying about the big bad dogs that are consipiring to take over the planet.

Sadly, they don’t mind stealing from dead people to do it.

That picture of the soldier that caught my eye? Yeah. Let me introduce you to Thomas Lindberg. He died at 82 in Wisconsin. And yes..he was a soldier. In the Army, serving in the Korean War. He died quietly with his family and with dignity.

Until pit bull haters decided to steal his identity to use his picture to spread their hatred.

Just. Gross.


And how do we know it’s Gail..she admits it. And she’s doing this to “let someone know I found her family”.

Basically..hey yo.. I’m stalking you. Gail..you are a pig.



Did YOU make Bogart’s blocked list?

blockedLMAO oh the absurdity. He actually keeps a list of people to block and tells people to block them.

They do this to make sure that they don’t actually have to answer to their lies and bullshit.

I find this absolutely beyond hilarious coming from the group that constantly claims they are not being allowed to speak (while spamming up every single news article they can find, rescue pages, twitter feeds and anywhere else they can find to troll.

oh Bogart. Seriously. Stick to spinning cds. It’s about the only thing you are actually good at.

P.S. We aren’t “fighting breed Advocates”. We are dog owners. But nice try.

The Ninja is Back

Lord this woman. Ever need total proof of fear mongering from these people? Here ya go!



Good grief.

And please note, they are adding more breeds. Yours could be next.

Then you get the nutjob Olivia she’s still batshit crazy and now apparently these are not only killer dogs.. …


These horrible dogs will also STEAL from you. Oh the humanity!

And make sure to give kudos for a GREAT story about a man who was a back yard breeder (something most pit bull owners HATE) and got bitten. Because ya know..they celebrate those attacks.

Sick minds. Totally sick.

Daxton’s Friends and Followers – Homophobic?

gayBogart will claim he is supporting “gay victims”..even though he chose to post this ridiculous shit on the day that the entire country was hearing the news that the Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal.

It’s the responses and attitude behind it that are most disturbing.

My advice? If you’re gay..don’t go to DBO or DFO for support. You are just the punchline to a joke for them.

There really is nothing sacred to these people.


Personally, I don’t find the idea of any person, gay, straight or otherwise, being injured by ANY animal..funny.